Amina Yasmeen Pakistani Bridal Dresses at QHBCW 2017

Amina Yasmeen

Amina Yasmeen Pakistani Bridal Dresses at QHBCW 2017

Yasmeen by Akram Pakistani Bridal Dresses Displayed newest official at Qmobile Sound Bridal fashion Week 2017 in Karachi.Yasmeen by Akram selection represents structure and contemporary fabrics by having an effect of social customs utilizing uncommon fabric’s consistency. The selection encapsulates elaborate detail, blend of indopak western-style patchwork with home decoration using Swarovski stones’ utilization, series and line embroidery.

The selection is seriously designed bridal with quantities and american organized declaration in building of contemporary outline.

AMINA YASMEEN Pakistani Bridal Dresses has emerged over a decade now. The brand established by MANSOOR AKRAM under the name of his mother, initiated with a dream of setting new and different mode of fashion.

We are known for our suttle color combinations, extraordinary cuts and not quantity but quality embellishments. Our forte is fusion, be it men’s or womens wear. We cater clients from all age groups and all walks of life Pakistani Bridal Dresses

AMINA YASMEEN’S collections are available in Karachi, Dubai & Chicago.

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Amina Yasmeen Bridal Dresses at QHBCW 2017

Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram Showcased latest formal at Qmobile Hum Bridal couture Week 2017 in Karachi.

Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram collection depicts modern textiles and architecture with an impact of cultural traditions using unusual fabric’s texture.

The collection encapsulates intricate detailing, fusion of indo-Pak western style patchwork with self embellishment with the use of Swarovski stones, thread and sequence embroidery.

The collection is heavily crafted bridal with western structured statement and volumes in construction of modern silhouette.

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